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9,600 BC was the year that the Great Cataclysm occurred.[1]

50,000 years earlier, in the year 59,600 BC, the Time Trapper set certain things into motion that may have been what eventually caused the disaster to eventually happen by this year.[2]

This was during the thirty-second year of the reign of King Thorvall, who had sent out ships to colonize other parts of the Earth, one of which that was led by General Rugero who founded the first colonies of Skartaris.[3]

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9,601 BC

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9,599 BC


  1. It should be noted that although this was the year given in Manhunt in Time!; a different year was given in Three Ways to Kill a World!. This year was 9023 BC. Still, the most likely year was 9,600 BC, since DC Comics seems to support that more. Although either year is possible.
  2. As seen in the comic story: Manhunt in Time! (1979).
  3. As seen in the comic story: The Secret of Skartaris (1977).
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