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Merlin sometime during the 5th or 6th century.[1]

The 6th century was during the early part of the Middle Ages, which had began late in the previous century, in the year 500 AD.

In the year 1971, Lex Luthor uses his own special time machine to communicate with Merlin from sometime during this century.[2]

He learns a variety of secrets about Merlin's magic and uses it in his own 20th century crimes. For example, he uses his magic marbles as well as a shadow potion of Merlin's own design. Despite his efforts, he is still defeated by Superman.[3]

Superboy once time traveled either to the fifth or 6th century,[4] and he faced the Black Knight and Merlin, who was jealous of Superboy's super powers, as he was even strong enough to pull Excalibur from the anvil, proving he was worthy to be the next king. Still, Superboy refuses to accept kingship, as he has to return to his own time period, which was the 1950s.[5]

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  2. Note: Despite the fact that this was an adult Lex Luthor, and not the redheaded Luthor during the time of Superboy, from Merlin's point of view, this most likely happened first, and though he does eventually meet Kal-El, it isn't until later, and it's a younger version of him that he meets, Superboy.
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  4. The exact date was not given, but it's more likely sometime during this century. We know that this was during Merlin's later years, and he apparently goes bad. It also seems likely that the Merlin shown in Merlin's Magic Marbles is a slightly younger version of him, and that this is a much older and crankier version of him. Additionally, the Merlin shown as a member of the Freedom Force would had to have came from the 5th century, as he seems to be in his prime.
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