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64th century

Abra Kadabra, a supervillain from the 64th century.[1]

The 64th century was a period when technology on Earth was so advanced, that stage magic became a thing of the past, since nobody from that period really wanted to pay to see a magic show that could easily be put together with the gadgets of the era.

Because of this, Citizen Abra, a magician who realizes he doesn't belong anymore, time travels back to the 20th century, a time long ago, when magic shows are still quite popular. He then becomes a supervillain, and an enemy of the Flash.[2]


  • 6300s
  • 6310s
  • 6320s
  • 6330s
  • 6340s
  • 6350s
  • 6360s
  • 6370s
  • 6380s
  • 6390s


  1. This image was taken from a Super Amigos trading card.
  2. This is conjecture based upon the character's comic book origin story.

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