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Sometime around the 50th century.[1]

The 50th century was possibly the era that Batman, Robin and the Flash were teleported to from the year 1986.

When the Dynamic Duo first arrived in New Las Vegas, Batman said that they were likely "several thousand years" in the future.

Considering they came from nineteen eighty-six, and taking the word "several" into account, since several usually means more than two; so it was at least three thousand years after 1986.

That means the 50th century was most likely the earliest possible century that they would have arrived in, possibly circa 4986.[2]


  • 4900s
  • 4910s
  • 4920s
  • 4930s
  • 4940s
  • 4950s
  • 4960s
  • 4970s
  • 4980s
  • 4990s

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49th century

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51st century


  1. As seen in Super Powers # 5 (1986).
  2. This is conjecture based on information from the comic.

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