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Sometime in 4986.[1]

4986 was the seventh year of the 4980s and the eighty-sixth year of the 50th century.

This was possibly the year that Batman, Robin and the Flash were transported to during a confrontation related to Darkseid.

While they were there, they had learned that they hadn't found a way to stop Darkseid in their native time period, and because of that, Darkseid conquered the Earth.

Much of North America, now called Northam, was rebuilt in Darkseid's image. They visited New Las Vegas, which may have been the same city of old, but it also may have been a new city altogether since when they were in the 20th century they were in Arizona, not Nevada...still, it's possible they traveled through space as well as time; so it is possible it was the same city.

They eventually find a way to return to the past and alter this version of history from occurring, by defeating Darkseid in their present.[2]

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