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When the Generator Fortress exploded, the Rubberoids believed that the Crystalloids wouldn't be finished rebuilding their fortress at least until the 3950s.[1]

The 3950s was the sixth decade of the 40th century.

In 1955, after Superboy destroyed the Crystalloid's Generator Fortress, the Rubberoids told him that it would take them "thousands of years" to rebuild their fortress.

Since they said "thousands of years," that means at least two thousand years, which means that assuming they actually did go forward with the construction of their fortress, then they might have completed it by this decade, circa 3955.[2]


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  • 3951
  • 3952
  • 3953
  • 3954
  • 3955
  • 3956
  • 3957
  • 3958
  • 3959

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