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Black Canary in the year 2977.[1]

2977 was the eighth year of the 2970s and the seventy-seventh year of the thirtieth century.

By this year, the Earthors supply of bedrock that was taken from Agonor was expected to be depleted.[2]

The Justice League members Superman, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Green Arrow and Batman; along with Earth-Two's Power Girl, Hawkman, the Flash, Green Lantern and Doctor Fate of the Justice Society are kidnapped by Mordru and brought the year 2977 where they are forced to search for mystic artifacts associated with the Demons Three, which are Ghast, Rath and Abnegazar.

They are coerced into doing this, because he held five Legionaires hostage; Shadow Lass, Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Ultra Boy. He refused to release them unless superheroes from the 20th century deliver him the artifacts. Green Arrow and Black Canary were also added to the list of hostages.[3]

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