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A robot that was built during the century before the 28th century.[1]

So far, little is known about what happened during the 28th century. But presumably the United Planets continued to thrive, and Earth colonies continued to be developed throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and possibly beyond.

Technology likely advanced as well, and robots were likely part of that advancement, thanks to the work of J. Quiggly Bent during the previous century.[2]


  • 2700s
  • 2710s
  • 2720s
  • 2730s
  • 2740s
  • 2750s
  • 2760s
  • 2770s
  • 2780s
  • 2790s

Previous Century

27th century

Next Century

29th century


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  2. As seen in The Robot (1978).

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