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27th century

Sometime during the 27th century.[1]

The 27th century (2601-2700) was a period of history in which time travel was apparently commonplace, and humanity continued to build robots for various uses. One such robotic engineer was named J. Quiggly Bent.[2]

By this century the Freedom Force were considered legends, which is why one time traveler, a certain Mr. Bent, was surprised to see the Freedom Force in the past. He even recognized that they didn't belong in that time.

After a short visit to the past, after attempting to con a tribe of humans in Borea, he changed his mind about using his robots for personal gain, and he said that the next robot he builds will be for the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Merlin then uses his magic to teleport him back to the 27th century.[3]

Mardru, a planet located in the Milky Way Galaxy, was colonized by natives of Earth.[4]


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