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Sometime during the year 2030.[1]

2030 was the thirtieth year of the 21st century and the first year of the 2030s.

According to some sources, this was the year that the second incarnation of the Atari Force is formed. This occurs on New Earth.

Superman's ninetieth birthday happens this year. In 1978, when he is exposed to Red Kryptonite by Hul, Logar and Rom-Lok, he is aged to what appears to be a ninety year old man, (or possibly anywhere between 80-100)[2] however ninety years old for a Kryptonian would likely look a great deal younger than a ninety year old human.[3]

Sometime this year, Monarch manipulated Matthew Ryder into time traveling into the past, allowing the timestream to transform him into Waverider. Monarch followed, manipulating events that lead to his own origin.[4]

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  4. This is conjecture based upon DC Comics.

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