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Thankfully, Superman returned to his normal age within a day or so after his exposure to the Red Kryptonite, otherwise he wouldn't have reached the physical age he was then until the year 2022.[1]

2022 is the third year of the 2020s and the twenty-second year of the 21st century.

The 1970s science fiction television program called Space Trek: 2022 was set during this year.[2]

Superman, who was de-aged by Red Kryptonite to about six years old, would have finally reached the physical age he was in 1984, had the Kryptonite's effects not worn off like they did.[3]

The five hundred and seventieth Annual Intergalactic Underworld Auction was scheduled to happen this year.[4]

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  1. This is of course assuming he was physically a six-year old, as he may have been closer to five, maybe even as young as four. This also is assuming that Superman was 44 years old in 1984, meaning he was born in 1940. This image was taken from Uncle Mxyzptlk (1984).
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