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Norman McCay and Red Robin sometime during the 2020s.[1]

The 2020s was the third decade of the 21st century.

On the first year of this decade, Superman's eightieth birthday occurred.[2]


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  1. This image was taken from the magazine called The Kingdom Come Companion. The information about them being from the 2020s is based on information about the story of Kingdom Come itself.
  2. This is assuming Superman hadn't died by this time. It's unlikely he did, as his lifespan is likely longer than a humans, and some humans live that long anyway. Also, the story of "Kingdom Come," which was shown in the magazine called The Kingdom Come Companion; shows that Superman is still alive, and looking much younger than he would if he were a human. Still, this isn't proof that Superman would have still been alive at this point, since the events of that book likely took place in an alternate timeline. But even that isn't certain.

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