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An image of Hukka, who got locked in a toy store in the year 2018.[1]

2018 was the ninth year of the 2010s and the eighteenth year of the 21st century.

On the fourteenth of March, Stephen Hawking died in England.[2]

In Houston, Texas, George H.W. Bush died on the thirtieth of November.[3]

Christopher Champion took Hukka to a toy store, to buy some Astro-Bots. While there, Hukka gets left behind and there are Super Powers toys there for sell.

The store closes and a guard dog is released and it pursues Hukka. Meanwhile, Chris, who had left, finally realizes that Hukka is missing so he returns to the store to rescue Hukka, who was hiding in some dolls from the dog.[4]

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