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Metropolis during the 19th century.[1]

The 19th century was a time of progress and hardship on Earth.

In America, the Old West period continued, and the American frontier was joined with the east thanks to the transcontinental railroad, but it was also during this time in which terrible conflicts such as the Civil War took place by the 1860s.

During this era, advancements in science and other achievements leads to the creation of many monsters.

For example, in Victorian Great Britain, and throughout Europe, terrors such as Doctor Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula become an issue.[2]

And in the 1880s in Metropolis, a monster known as Morpheus also stalks the streets of the city, and by the next decade, Cyrus Gold is killed and eventually is reborn as a zombie called Solomon Grundy in Slaughter Swamp.[3]



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