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This page is part of the SuperFriends timeline, or a chronology of events that took place in the SuperFriends Universe -- Earth-1A (fan name) / Earth-Thirty-Two (official designation) of the DC Multiverse.
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Scarecrow, Lex Luthor and Black Manta in 1983.[1]

1983 was the fourth year of the 1980s and the eighty-third year of the 20th century.

Carrie Kelley of Earth-31 was born approximately this year.[2]

By this time, and possibly before; Cyborg becomes a member of the New Teen Titans.[3] This apparently didn't last that long, as he was uninterested in continuing as part of a superhero team, since maintaining an alter ego when you have visible cybernetic parts was impossible.[4]

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  1. As seen in the Superfriends season 7 episode Revenge of Doom (1983).
  2. This is conjecture. It was established that she was thirteen-years-old in The Dark Knight Returns, and it was further established that Batman was fifty-five years of age at that time.
    Assuming 1940 is the year Batman was born on Earth-31 and Earth-1A alike, then the story was set in 1995, and that means that Carrie Kelley would have been born in 1982, still, it's more likely ten years in the future because it was established to be ten years after Jason Todd had died. We can assume that either Batman is a year younger in this universe than he is on Earth-1A or his birthday hadn't came yet. Either way it makes more sense that it was 1996 rather than 1995, therefore Carrie Kelley would have been born around this year.
  3. As seen in the Anti-drug commercial (1983-1984).
  4. This was established in Superfriends season 9 episode The Seeds of Doom (1985), which was only two years later. This indicates that he quit the team and being a superhero and didn't do it again until joining the Super Powers Team.

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