Executive Producers

Joseph Barbera
William Hanna


Gerard Baldwin

Story Editor

David Villaire

Supervising Director

Ray Patterson


George Gordon
Carl Urbano
Rudy Zamora

Story Supervision

Ray Parker

Story Direction

George Goldstein
Cullen Houghtaling
Chris Jenkins
Larry Latham
George Singer

Recording Directors

Gordon Hunt

Animation Casting Director

Ginny McSwain


Michael Ambrosini ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Jack Angel ... Samurai (2 episodes, 1981)
Jered Barclay ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Michael Bell ... Zan (?? episodes, 1981) / Gleek (?? episodes, 1981)
Greg Burson ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Wally Burr ... The Atom (2 episodes, 1981)
Bill Callaway ... Aquaman (?? episodes, 1981) / Bizarro (1 episode, 1981)
Peter Cullen ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Danny Dark ... Superman (18 episodes, 1981)
Takayo Doran ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Fernando Escandon ... El Dorado (2 episodes, 1981)
Shannon Farnon ... Wonder Woman (18 episodes, 1981)
Phil Hartman ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Buster Jones ... Black Vulcan (2 episodes, 1981)
Casey Kasem ... Robin (18 episodes, 1981)
Morgan Lofting ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Allan Lurie ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Larry D. Mann ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Ken Mars ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Chuck McCann ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Andy Rivas ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Mike Road ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Paul Ross ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Michael Rye ... Green Lantern (2 episodes, 1981) / Apache Chief (2 episodes, 1981)
Rick Segall ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Michael Sheehan ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Olan Soule ... Batman (18 episodes, 1981)
André Stojka ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Lee Thomas ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Frank Welker ... Mr. Mxyzptlk (1 episode, 1981)
Louise Williams ... Jayna (?? episodes, 1981)
Bill Woodson .... (Narrator, 1981)
Lynnanne Zager ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)
Marian Zajac ... (unknown episodes / voices, 1981)


Iraj Paran
Tom Wogatzke

Title Design

Bill Perez

Musical Director

Hoyt Curtin

Musical Supervisor

Paul DeKorte

Creative Producer

Iwao Takamoto

Design Supervisor

Bob Singer

Character Design

Curtis Cim
Geoff Darrow
Michael Takamoto

Layout Supervisor

Don Morgan

Key Layout

Floyd Norman


A. Alcala
A. Brown
Dave Dunnet
John Kricfalusi
Kenneth Landau
Jack Manning
Michael O'Mara
Karen Paat
Norly Paat
Mario Piluso
Joe Roman
Roy Wilson
J. Wolfberg

Animation Supervisors

Jay Sarbry
Don Patterson
Jim Duffy


Bob Hathcock
Bill Hutten
Tony Love
Ron Myrick
Jeffery Hall
James T. Walker
Bob Alvarez
Becky Bristow
Kent Butterworth
Joan Case
John Conning
Doug Crane
Valerie Gifford
Lenny Graves
Walter Kubiak
Ed Love
Lori McLaughlin
Fred Myers
Karen Peterson
Nelson Rhodes
Michael Sanger
Lana Sauceda
Richard Trueblood
Rob Tyler
Bonita Versh

Assistant Animation Supervisor

John Boersema

Background Supervision

Al Gmuer

Background Artist

Lorraine Marue
Fernando Arce
Gil Dicco
Dennis Durrell
Flamarion Ferreira
Martin Forte
Robert Gentle
Eric Heschong
James hegedus
Jim Hickey
Paro Hozumi
Michael Humphries
Victoria Jenson
Phil Lewis
Michell Moen
Andy Philipson
Bill Proctor
Jeff Richards
Jeff Riche
Ron Roesch

Checking and Scene Planning

Jackie Banks


Star Wirth

Ink and Paint Supervision

Alison Victory

Sound Direction

Richard Olson
Joe Citarella


Roy Wade
Ray Lee
Steve Altman
Bob Cohen
Candy Edwards
Chuck Flekal
Curt Hall
Bob Marples
Ralph Migliori
Joe Ponticelle
Cliff Shirpser
Paul Wainess
Brandy Whittington
Jerry Whittington

Technical Supervision

Jerry Mills

Dubbing and Supervising Film Editors

Joe Sandusky

Effects Editors

Michael Bradley

Show Editor

Gil Iverson

Negative Consultant

William E. DeBoer

Post Production Supervisor

Joed Eaton

Production Manager

James Wang


Sound by, Glen Glenn PAP

Executives in Charge of Production

Jayne Barbera
Margaret Loesch


Based upon the characters appearing in Justice League of America and Super Friends periodicals published by DC Comics, Inc.

(c) 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 DC Comics, Inc. and HANNA-BARBERA PRODUCTIONS, INC.

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