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Superman, Batman and Robin; circa 1976.[1]

1976 was the seventh year of the 1970s and the seventy-sixth year of the 20th century.

Earth-1A History


Young Jr. SuperFriend Marvin is on tour of the Hall of Justice. As they walk through the wax figures, Superman points out the figure of the Manhunter and says that "J'onn J'onzz, Manhunter from Mars, left (Earth) when Mars became desolate and his people went to search for a new world."[2]

Spring thru Summer

Professor Baffles announces his plans to steal priceless items and manages to slip out the goods right from under the noses of the SuperFriends. When the Justice League finds themselves unable to stop the crimes, the faith in the group begins to fail. Only Wonder Dog’s allergy to almonds could stop the criminal from getting away.[3]

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