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Ed Sullivan, who died in 1974.[1]

1974 was a significant year in the 1970s. It was the fifth year of the decade and the seventy-fourth year of the 20th century.

Richard Nixon resigned from his position as President of the United States on August the 9th of this year.[2]

On October 13th, Ed Sullivan passes away in Manhattan.[3]

Earth-1A History


As an early teen and 'junior Justice Leaguer', Robin is joined by two other sidekicks (Aqualad and Kid Flash) to stop the menace of Mr. Twister in the small town of Hatton Corners.[4] Later, the three sidekicks join forces with Speedy and Wonder Girl in order to free their mentors in then JLA from the mind-control of an alien energy-being called the Antithesis. They defeat this foe and together the five teens decide to become a real team, calling themselves the Teen Titans.[5] Robin, by virtue of the tactical skills gleaned from Batman, is swiftly recognized as leader.[6] Bruce Wayne allowed them access to an empty silo, which the teens used as their first secret headquarters – the Titans Lair. The Titans Lair was located in a cave outside of Gotham City. The team expands over the next few years and they meet Mr. Jupiter (friend of Bruce Wayne and millionaire industrialist in his own right), who sets them up with a training facility and resources.[7]

Robin wasn't around for every Titans mission however, as he was splitting time with the team and with Batman as his sidekick.[8]

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