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World Trade Center

The World Trade Center, which is opened in the year 1973.[1]

1973 was the fourth year of the 1970s and the seventy-third year of the twentieth century.

On April 4, the World Trade Center was opened in Manhattan, New York City, New York.[2]

Veronica Lake died in Vermont on the seventh of July.[3]

Eddie Rickenbacker died in Switzerland on the twenty-third of July.[4]

Earth-1A History


An invasion from outer space led by the Appellaxians threatens Earth, prompting the gathering of a number of superheroes. Thus, the Justice League of America was founded. Their first base of operations was called the Secret Sanctuary.[5] The mascot of the newly formed team was Snapper Carr, a native of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island; the town that the first JLA headquarters was located.

Note: Although there were only seven founding members, others soon would join the team, such as Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatanna and others.[6]

Another team of superheroes banded together called the Doom Patrol. The founding members of that team were the Chief, Robotman, Negative Man and Elasti-Girl. Mento, who in reality was Steve Dayton, owner of Dayton Industries, would also join the team. This team wasn't nearly as respected as the Justice League of America, and they were viewed in a more negative light, and they were the victims of prejudice, as many people didn't think of them as true heroes, but more like freaks and outcasts.[7]

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