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The Kent Farm in 1957.[1]

1957 was the eighth year of the 1950s and the fifty-seventh year of the 20th century.

On the fourteenth of January, Humphrey Bogart died from cancer in Los Angeles.[2]

In 1957 Superboy is attacked by three Kryptonian supervillains from the future, Hul, Logar and Rom-Lok.

Superman and Green Lantern arrive in this year from 1983 to protect the Boy of Steel from being killed by these three Phantom Zoners.[3]

The Whopper, a new hamburger, is introduced at Burger King, it becomes the company's signature sandwich.[4]

On the second of May, former Senator Joseph McCarthy died in Maryland.[5]

Mrs. Alvarez became the personal secretary of the politician named Baccharis this year.[6]

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