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Superboy at the Capitol Building in 1955.[1]

1955 was the sixth year of the 1950s and the fifty-fifth year of the 20th century.

Around this time; maybe even before, Clark Kent took on the alter ego of Superboy, protecting Smallville from alien invasions and supervillains.[2]

Around this time, Dick Grayson was born to John and Mary Grayson.[3]

Albert Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey on the eighteenth of April.[4]

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  1. As seen in The Adventures of Superboy episode Operation Counter Invasion (1966).
  2. This is conjecture based on the assumption that Clark would be about 15 years old by that time. There was also an episode of the The Adventures of Superboy that referenced Hurricane Hilda. There was only two hurricanes with that name, and we know it wasn't the one from 1964, because he wouldn't have been Superboy, as he would have been grown up at that point and would have been Superman. Because of that, it's reasonable to assume that the hurricane featured in the show was the one from 1955, meaning that the show at least took place that year -- this however does not indicate if it was the year that he actually became Superboy, as that is just conjecture.
  3. This is conjecture.
  4. This is conjecture based on real life.

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