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Lex Luthor attempts to render Kryptonite harmless to Superboy.[1]

The 1950s marked the beginning of the Space Age, when humanity first built spacecraft for space travel. This was also the decade that saw the birth of rock and roll. During this time, the entire human race first became aware of hostile and peaceful aliens, which visited Earth from other worlds.[2]

One such alien was Kal-El, who at this point had adopted the identity of Superboy, and was active in Smallville at this time.

In Smallville, a lab accident caused by Superboy causes Lex Luthor to lose his hair while he was developing a Kryptonite cure for Superboy. Luthor assumes that Superboy caused the "accident" on purpose, because of his jealousy toward Luthor. He doesn't give Superboy the cure, and he instead becomes his enemy.[3]


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