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Diana is brought to life in 1941.[1]

1941 is the second year of the 1940s and the forty-first year of the 20th century.

Wally Sites was born this year.[2]

Kal-El was most likely born this year, on the twenty-ninth of February to Jor-El and Lara in Kryptonopolis on Krypton.[3]

Around four months later, on the eighteenth of June, Jor-El places his son Kal-El in a rocket and sends it toward Earth, just as Krypton explodes, causing the near-extinction of the Kryptonian race.[4] Argo City was saved by Zor-El, who encased the entire settlement in a large dome, that allowed the city to be launched into space when the planet blew up.[5]

Kal-El's rocket ship crash-lands near a farm in Smallville, where he is found and eventually adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. They name the boy Clark, after Martha's maiden name. They soon learn that this boy is no normal boy, as his super powers become evident.[6]

Kal-El's rocket isn't the only thing to land on Earth at that time. Apparently chunks of Kryptonite were caught in the rocket's warp field, and they crashed in various spots on Earth, to later be discovered by a variety of different people. One such rock landed in a pea patch on the farm of Paw Martingale, and he kept it for good luck.[7]

A young girl is molded from clay by Hippolyta, and brought to life by Aphrodite, who named her after the moon goddess; Diana.[8]

On the thirteenth of May, Ritchie Valens is born in California.[9]

In December of this year, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a turning point of World War II, prompting the USA's entry into the war and also giving incentive to Frank Rock to enlist in the United States Army; and leading to the founding of the All-Star Squadron.

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