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3Baby Clark

Kal-El was probably conceived sometime around 1940.[1]

1940 was the first year of the 1940s and the fortieth year of the 20th century.

In South Dakota, Tom Brokaw was born on the sixth of February.[2]

Bruce Wayne is born in Gotham City to Thomas and Martha Wayne.[3]

On the ninth of October, John Lennon was born in England.[4]

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  1. As seen in Secret Origins of the Superfriends.
  2. This is conjecture based on real life.
  3. This is also conjecture, based on the assumption that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are about the same age. Some continuities make it seem that Bruce is considerably older, such as the 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. However since the universe of the Super Friends is mostly based upon the Post-Crisis continuity from the comics, we can just assume this isn't the case, even though it was never really established outright to my knowledge.
  4. This is conjecture based upon real life.

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