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Paw Martingale might have been born in 1911.[1]

1911 was the second year of the nineteen tens and the eleventh year of the twentieth century.

Paw Martingale was probably born sometime around this year.[2]

Ronald Reagan, who would eventually became the 40th President of the United States, was born this year.[3]

On the third of March, Jean Harlow was born in Kansas City.[4]

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  1. As seen in the Super Friends season 1 episode The Menace of the White Dwarf (1973).
  2. This is total conjecture of course, this is assuming that he was about 30 at the time that the sky stone landed on Earth, which would have been in 1941. This would make him about 65 in his appearance in the main story, which was set circa 1976.
  3. This is conjecture based upon real-life history.
  4. This is conjecture based on real life.

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