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122,366,538 BC

Somewhere on Earth in the year 122,366,538 BC[1]

The year 122,366,538 BC was long ago in The Distant Past, in the Prehistoric Era.

It was this year that one of Grax's amnesia bombs was hidden.

Red Tornado and Tuatara were searching for the bomb in New Zealand, but they were unable to locate it until time travelling to this period.

While in that period, they find themselves under attack by two individuals of an unknown variety of dinosaur that seemed to be similar to a tyrannosaurus.[2]

Previous Year

122,366,539 BC

Next Year

122,366,537 BC


  • According to Tuatara, the bombs were located exactly 122,368,514 years 296 days in the past. We arrive at this year by assuming that the comic was actually set sometime in September of 1977, which was when it was published. (although the cover date was November) This date is actually just conjecture though. After all, if the story was set in November 1977, then it would have been the year after this.


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