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By the year 11,978, much if not all of Earth was a rocky wasteland. Although there was still a breathable atmosphere, very little plant-life was present, and therefore animal-life could not survive.

Humanity apparently had long-since abandoned the planet, likely establishing themselves on other worlds in the depths of outer space, while on Earth, the only known life forms were a species of phantom-like spiders.

Flash, Green Lantern and Superman travel to this year searching for the Legion of Doom, in order to bring them to justice for their crimes, but they learn that they are hiding out in the 40th century when they located a history book that details their takeover of the Earth and the entire Milky Way Galaxy during the fortieth century.

With this knowledge, the three Super Friends leave this year behind, and head to 3984, where they defeat the Legion and capture them, which they knew would happen because they had read about it in the history book.[2]

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