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A comic strip depicting a couple of monkeys.[1]

1,001,985 was the year that in 1985 was one million years in the future, which was a time when it was expected in the 20th century that many animal species will have evolved to the point of having human level intelligence, and will also be able to walk upright like a human.

In 1985, M.O. was once looking at a comic strip on his computer screen, and he noticed one of the comics was depicting someone who had been raised in a jungle by a tribe of apes.[2] He told the Space Sentinels how ridiculous he believed that was.

However, the Space Sentinels had just encountered a feral child themselves, and they knew such a thing was possible, nevertheless they played along, pretending to be in disbelief. Astraea then told him that such a thing wouldn't ever happen, at least not until the year 1,001,985, because she said: "never in a million years."[3]

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  2. M.O. called them apes, but clearly they were monkeys.
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