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Superman battling a supervillain from somewhere around the year 1,001,982.[1]

1,001,982 was possibly the year that Lord Satanis was from.

Although it was more likely no earlier than the year after that.[2]

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  1. As seen in the comic story: Rebirth! (1983).
  2. The first appearance of Satanis established that he was from more than "one million years in the future." The comic was released in 1981, so that would make it "more" than a million years -'s impossible to know the setting of the actual comic. The cover date was 1982, which means that it could have been in set in 1982, rather than 1981. One million years after 1982 would be this year, but more than a million years would be this year or later, possibly the next year. Still it's impossible to determine the exact year based on the lack of a precise date. One can only guess.
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