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10,020th century

An example of what a wolf might look like in the 10,20th century.[1]

The 10,020th century was a period of history in which it was expected during the 20th century that a number of changes to species on Earth would occur due to evolution.[2]

Doctor Cranum believed that the human brain would evolve to the point where every human would be able to perform incredible mental powers, such as telekinesis and telepathy. He predicted this would occur around the year 1,001,977.[3]

It was also calculated by certain genetic engineers that animals would also evolve by around the year 1,001,985, to the point of having human level intelligence. It was also assumed that they would also take on a humanoid form.

In the 1980s, this group of scientists developed a machine that was capable of accelerating evolution by one million years, and a wolf had stepped into the path of the machine's ray, and it mutated into what could best be described as a Man-Wolf.[4]

Notable Years


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