Green Arrow
Real name: Oliver Queen[1]
AKA: The World’s Greatest Archer
The Emerald Archer
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Blond
Eyes: green
Height: 5'11
Weight: 195 lbs
Relatives: Dinah Lance (Life-Partner)
Apprentice: Speedy
Occupation: Superhero
Base: Hall of Justice
Affiliations: SuperFriends
Team Arrow
Abilities: Archery
Weaponry: Bow and Arrow
Voiced/Played: Norman Alden
Green Arrow Gallery

Justice League of America Team Member

Old suit

Green Arrow in the 'old days.'[2]

Green Arrow is an incredibly skilled archer, and a worthy member of the Justice League. He is dressed like Robin Hood, who occasionally invents trick arrows.

Old suit on display

Green Arrow explaining to Marvin and Wendy about his 'old suit.'

Staunch member of the Justice League of America...


Background Information

In the parallel universe of Earth-One, Oliver Queen was a wealthy playboy. After ‘accidentally’ falling off his yacht, he was washed up on a deserted island (which is now known as Starfish Island) where he was forced to survive by any means necessary. He made a make-shift bow and arrows to hunt for food. He also developed an arsenal of trick arrows, like the drill arrow, and the rope arrow, as well as assembling a green suit for camouflage. Eventually a commercial freighter stopped by the island, and he swam out thinking they might rescue him. They were in the middle of a mutiny and he had to liberate the crew from dangerous pirates. Making a small mask to hide his face from sight, he took them all down using the skills he had developed. Changed by his experiences, he decided to give something back to society, in as exciting a way as possible -- becoming a crime-fighter under the guise of Green Arrow, using his archery skills for good.[3]

GA 4

In his new persona, he eventually met Roy Harper Jr. Roy grew up on an Indian reservation after his parents died in an explosion. His mentor Chief Thunderhead trained and raised him to be an incredible archer in hunting and competition, then sent him out into the world to seek his destiny.[4] When Roy’s mentor’s health began to fail, he decided the perfect new guardian for young Harper would be the Green Arrow. Roy auditioned several times to become his assistant and proved his skill and mettle, receiving the name Speedy because of how fast he was.[5] Roy eventually joins the Teen Titans.[6]

Ollie would became the first non-charter member of the Justice League of America to join the team.[7] After several adventures with the JLA, he grew out his signature goatee,[8] had an identity crisis, lost his fortune, become an outspoken advocate of the underprivileged, an advocate for socially liberal causes and began dating fellow JLA member and future life-partner, Dinah Lance aka Black Canary.[9]

During this new approach to life for Ollie, he teams up with Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern. Together they embark on a quest in a beat-up pickup truck to "find America", along the way witnessing the problems of corruption, racism, pollution, as well as overpopulation confronting the nation. Each would find their beliefs challenged by the other. Jordan wanted to work within the system and was more concerned about dealing with criminals; where Oliver advocated social change. He did manage to convince Jordan to see beyond his strict obedience to the Green Lantern Corps, and to help those who were neglected or discriminated against.[10]

One of the journey’s, Oliver was once on an assignment in Bornego when he hears that world's population of humans began to shrink to two-inches tall. This proved to be a plot masterminded by a certain Doctor Hiram Gulliver. This mad scientist had captured all the SuperFriends except for Wendy and Marvin. The two reached out to Green Arrow because he was the only the Justice League member that was left on Earth. The other members were off world on a space mission. The Emerald Archer inexplicably also shrank but was not captured. At two-inches tall, He stormed Gulliver's Castle like a Tom Thumb version of Robin Hood. He defeated the mad scientist, returned the SuperFriends and everyone else on Earth to normal size. Afterward, he disappeared again for a time, assumedly with Green Lantern.[11]

Speedy, who did not go with the pair, dabbled with drugs while Ollie was away. This caused the two to go their separate ways for a time[12] (Roy eventually made his way back to the Teen Titans).[13]

After accidentally killing someone, Ollie shed himself of the remaining trappings of his super-heroic life (including crashing the Arrowplane into a mountain) and withdrew to an ashram monastery. He would find no peace there, and returned to the outside world at the request of Hal and Dinah.[14]

Ollie and Dinah move to Star City, where Ollie runs for Mayor and more-or-less retires.[15]

Powers and Abilities




  • Acrobatics: He has displayed on many occasions that he is an expert in acrobatics, and often uses this skill while evading enemy fire.
  • Archery: Oliver Queen is perhaps the finest archer ever known. He has a wide-variety of trick arrows, ranging from bola arrows to time-bomb arrows to his infamous boxing-glove arrow. Green Arrow has shown the ability to shoot an arrow down the barrel of a gun, pierce a drop of water as it leaves a tap, and shoot almost any part of the human body; although he aims only to wound and not kill when he shoots.
  • Aviation: He used to own and fly his own airplane called the Arrowplane. He still has some skill in flying different types of planes.
  • Firearms: Although not his preferred weapon, Oliver is very skilled in the use of firearms. He has displayed great accuracy with handguns and machine guns.
  • Hunting: Archery is by far Oliver's preferred method of hunting however the ability to hunt comes from years of training, patience and survival.
  • Martial Arts: He is proficient in several forms of hand-to-hand combat including Judo, Kickboxing and Karate.
  • Stick Fighting: Oliver has shown to be a highly skilled stick fighter.
  • Swordsmanship: Ollie is also very proficient with a sword, though it is not his preferred weapon of choice.
  • Strength: Due to extensive archery training, Ollie's arm strength is superior to that of the average man. He once broke free from a metal chain over a course of a few hours.[16]


Being human / mortality



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SuperFriends TV Series, Season 1 (1973):

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  • Green Arrow first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941.[19]
  • He was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp.
  • In 1969, artist Neal Adams in the pages of the Brave and the Bold, Vol. 1 #85,[20] decided to update the character's visual appearance by giving him a goatee beard and costume of his own design
  • Inspired by Adams' redesign, writer Dennis O'Neil followed up on Green Arrow's new appearance by completely remaking the character's attitude in the pages of Justice League of America, Vol. 1 #75 (cover-dated November 1969),[21] giving his personality a rougher edge.
  • It is not sure if the SuperFriends Version was based on the Golden Age version of the character, or the Silver Age. Green Arrow's appearance is definitely modeled after his Silver-Age counterpart.


  • Green Arrow was regrettably on only one episode the SuperFriends TV Series.
  • This is Green Arrow's first animated appearance.

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Appearances in Other Media

GreenArrow DCAU Green Arrow Green Arrow was a superhero recruited into the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion largely as the team's political conscience. After selling his company for three billion dollars, Oliver "Ollie" Queen became a full time vigilante.
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Ollie Green Arrow Oliver Jonas Queen is the billionaire CEO of Queen Industries, who also masquerades as a heroic archer known as Green Arrow. As Green Arrow, Oliver dresses in green and commands a variety of arrows and gadgets for many forms of defense. He is also the founder of a team of pro-active heroes.

As a schoolboy Oliver attended Excelsior Academy Preparatory School in the 1990s where he studied fine arts and was a classmate of Lex Luthor; whom he bullied relentlessly. He graduated in 1998 and deferred admission to an Ivy League school to sail away in a private yacht to say goodbye to his parents. However, after he and his friends partied away, Oliver's yacht was attacked by a group of pirates organized by his own captain. Using his then-limited archery skills, Oliver barely escaped with his life, activating a life raft and washing ashore on a nearby island.

While on the island, Oliver improved his archery skills by making a make shift bow and arrows, which he would use to hunt wild boars on the island. While on the island, he encountered the island's natives and lived among them for over three months during which time they taught him how to hunt and improve his archery skills. Upon further exploration, Oliver was shocked to discover the wreckage of his parents' plane on the island. He collected their wedding rings from their remains and also found a letter his mother had written to him the night of the crash.

After being stranded for two years on the island, Oliver found a group of drug runners. It was not long before he was captured and meets a young woman named Tess Mercer, who was also a prisoner of the drug runners. Days later, Oliver staged an escape out of the island, returning to his home Star City.

For the next year, Oliver improved his archery skills further. He joined a cult of dark celtic archers, and was taught by the expert archer Vordigan. Oliver eventually rejected the harsh and unethical teachings of the cult and left Vordigan, going back to Star City. There he vowed to use his skills for good, taking the mantle of the hero Green Arrow.

In 2009, after the death of his old schoolmate, Lex Luther, Queen Industries merged with LuthorCorp. Tess Mercer is new CEO.

Clark suspects that Oliver murdered Lex Luthor.

This version of Green Arrow is based on the Smallville TV series (2001-??) as seen on the CW.
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