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455px-Gardner Fox by Gil Kane

Portrait of Gardner Fox by Gil Kane

Gardner Fox

Birthame: Gardner Francis Cooper Fox
Born: May 20, 1911
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died: December 24, 1986 (aged 75)
Nationality: American
Area(s): Writer

Jefferson Cooper ♦ Bart Sommers ♦ Paul Dean ♦ Ray Gardner ♦ Lynna Cooper ♦ Rod Gray ♦ Larry Dean ♦ Robert Starr ♦ Don, Ed, Warner and Michael Blake ♦ Tex and Willis Blane ♦ Ed Carlisle ♦ Edgar Weston ♦ Tex Slade ♦ Eddie Duane ♦ Etc.

Gardner Francis Fox was considered one of the most innovative and pioneering comic strip creators in the entire industry.

Gardner passed away on Christmas Eve, 1986 from natural causes.

Notable works / Creation:

- Golden Age: Sandman; Flash; Hawkman; Dr. Fate; Starman. The Justice Society of America
- Silver Age: Atom; Hawkman; Zatanna; Batgirl, The Justice League of America
- The idea for the SuperFriends (a child-friendly version of the JLA)


Alley Award

- Best Script Writer (1962)
- Best Book-Length Story (1962, with Carmine Infantino)
- Favorite Novel (1963, with Mike Sekowsky)
- Best Novel (1965, with Murphy Anderson)

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