Junior SuperPowers Team Member

Real name: Victor Stone
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Relatives: Silas Stone (father, deceased)
Elinore Stone (mother, deceased)
Base: The New Hall of Justice
Affiliations: Teen Titans
Super Powers Team
Voiced/Played: Buster Jones (in anti-drug commercial)
Ernie Hudson
Cyborg Gallery

Victor Stone

Cyborg is a superhero and a member of the Super Powers Team. He has cybernetic implants that increase his strength, and a "sound blaster," capable of generating high pitched sound for use as a weapon.



Cyborg's origin was told via a medical journal read by Professor Martin Stein:

Cyborgs life has not been easy. This medical journal tells his story. He was once Victor Stone, a promising decathlon athlete until; a terrible accident damaged most of his body. Fortunately, Vic's father was a cybernetics genius. He saved his son's life by replacing Vic's injuries with robotic components. Since then, Vics been known as Cyborg!
Professor Martin Stein to Ronald Raymond

Aside from a brief stay with the Teen Titans in 1983,[1] Cyborg mostly kept out of the public eye, and soon began working at a special school for disabled children.

Superman had asked him on a number of occasions, to join the Super Powers Team. On one occasion, after capturing Lex Luthor, Superman stated that anyone who could single handedly capture Luthor would be a very welcome addition to the team. Still Cyborg had no desire to join and remained insistent that he wanted to fly solo.

Eventually though, Cyborg started to develop a real friendship with Firestorm, and finally, after helping the team stop Darkseid's plot to take over Earth, and being formally asked by Batman, Cyborg finally decides that he was meant to join the team all along.

Even though Cyborg hated Apokolips, he went back multiple times to help the team fight Darkseid and his forces.

His ability to interface with a computer has been very helpful to the team on a number of occasions.

Background Information

Victor Stone is the son of Silas and Elinore Stone, a pair of scientists who work at S.T.A.R. Labs. One day while visiting his parents at the lab, an experiment in dimensional travel went horribly awry when a massive gelatinous monster crossed over an experimental portal. The creature severely mutilated Victor before Silas managed to force the creature back through the portal. Not long after the attack, Silas was able to outfit his son with experimental prosthetics of his own design. However, the equipment could not be worn inconspicuously.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Cy Energy Pulse

Sound Blasting

Cy Interface

Computer Interfacing

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  • Cyborg was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez.
  • He first appears in DC Comics Presents vol. 1, #26[3] (October 1980).
  • In this comic book series, Cyborg was a member of the New Teen Titans, and often worked alongside Robin. On the SuperFriends they did not appear to share a history with one another. Although they might have known each other, since Cyborg was shown to be a member of the Teen Titans in the Anti-drug commercial. But Robin wasn't present. Still, Robin was a member at some point or another as was mentioned in Super Friends # 1.
  • Cyborg replaced Black Vulcan as the Super Friends' black member.
  • Cyborg had exposed pecs in his comic design, which seems to have been simplified in the cartoon.


  1. Anti-drug commercial (1983-1984)

Season 6 (1985):

  1. The Seeds of Doom
  2. The Ghost Ship
  3. The Bizarro Super Powers Team
  4. The Darkseid Deception
  5. The Wild Cards
  6. Brain Child
  7. The Death of Superman

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Appearances in Other Media

Cyborg Teen Titans Cyborg Cyborg was a promising strong teenage athlete named Victor Stone before an accident that killed his mother and injured him so severely that his damaged body parts were replaced with cybernetics to keep him alive. But since these mechanical parts were not inconspicuous, he was shunned by his home environment and his friends, which frustrated him greatly.

One night, Cyborg took to the streets, where he ran into the new arrivals Robin and Beast Boy fighting a rather violent alien girl (Starfire), who was actually a fugitive from a prisoner transport. Soon joined by the mystery girl Raven, the youngsters teamed up to defeat the girl's alien captors and formed a permanent team to combat villainy. Cyborg constructed the Titans Tower and its systems from a Gordanian landing ship, and the team moved into its new headquarters. From that point on Cyborg served as the team's chief technician, constructing their primary vehicles such as the T-Car and T-Ship.

This version of Cyborg is based on the Teen Titans TV series (2003-2006) as seen on Cartoon Network.
- Go to the Teen Titans Wiki for more on Cyborg
Vic Stone Smallville Victor Stone Victor Stone is a teenager with endoskeletal cybernetic enhancements. He is part of Green Arrow's superhero team under the code name Cyborg.

Victor is a former Metropolis High School star wide receiver. It was in that time when he met Clark Kent at Smallville while playing against him in their senior year. He was involved in a car accident that killed the rest of his family, but he was rebuilt by Dr. Alistair Kreig, who experimented on a group of test subjects for SynTechnics (a LuthorCorp subsidiary). Victor was the only test subject to survive the experiments, during which he was implanted with electrical and mechanical parts. Feeling sympathy for Victor and his search for his beloved girlfriend Katherine, SynTechnics scientist Dr. Hong allowed him to escape captivity.

After meeting Oliver Queen, Cyborg was given further enhancements such as being able to hack into computer/security systems.

This version of Victor Stone is based on the Smallville TV series (2001-2011) as seen on the CW.
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  1. As shown in the Keebler Anti-Drug commercial on 1983.
  2. Since this incident from Earth-One continuity was never explained on the SuperFriends series it is connection Earth-1A is unclear.
  3. Go to the DC Database for more on DC Comics Presents vol. 1, #26
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